SwipeWell helps you (and your audience) build a swipe file that you’ll actually use. We believe your swipe file is your #1 creative asset that you can take with you across every job and every gig.

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Add thousands in recurring revenue to your business by referring customers to SwipeWell

Earn 20% commissions on every customer you refer. Forever.

Make $1,000 per year in recurring revenue for every 50 customers you send us.

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What it means to become an affiliate partner

We’ll do most of the heavy lifting for you. All you have to do is say yes, and we will:


Add affiliate links in your current site content.


Write a newsletter for you to send to your audience about the power of a swipe file.


Write a tweet thread or LinkedIn post announcing your partnership with SwipeWell that you can add your own flair to.

After that, we’ll customize content collaboration opportunities to best fit your audience and content mediums.

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Want to help us make that happen?

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